Building Tomorrow
Thank you for being a part of our I am Building Tomorrow campaign! Over the years, this campaign has helped us spread the word about Building Tomorrow's mission and vision, and has funded the construction of numerous primary schools in rural Uganda.

As Building Tomorrow has grown we have found that though individual fundraising pages are important to continuing our work, more efficient systems are available through outside platforms. As a result, we have retired this campaign and have, likewise, removed its capabilities from our website.

But that doesn't mean you have to stop Building Tomorrow! You can continue your online fundraising campaign through a number of web platforms, we suggest using Crowdrise! It's simple to start an individual fundraising campaign and the funds you raise will go directly to Building Tomorrow!

Have questions about the new face of BT online fundraising? Contact BT Millennial Motivator, Kate White, by email ( or phone (317-632-3545) for more info!

Thank you again for your support!
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